APA Zones, are advanced price action trading indicators which are the focus while using a Forex teaching service. The indicator’s purpose is to help traders uncover profitable price action trade settings by highlighting areas of support and resistance. Indicators, templates, training videos, a community Skype room, installation support, and licenses that allow use on multiple computers are all currently available from this company’s current product line. Aside from the information on this page, not a lot is known about Gabriel, but it’s evident from reading the comments that he’s well-versed in price action trading. Support can be reached by phone at (714) 660-4377 or by email at support@apazones.com. The contact page also includes a phone number and email for sales enquiries.


APA Zones Review

More and more products have been added to the APA Zones collection throughout time. This website isn’t a simple place to navigate, let alone analyze all the many tools and systems therein. The presentation of the various systems and packages can be a bit disorganized. When you’re a newbie to the service, it’s easy to see how overwhelming it may be to sort through all of the many features of each product. This should be made more clear to us so that we know exactly what we should be doing. There are many degrees of software depending on the level of experience the trader has with the software. If you’re new to trading, try APA Elements. If you’re intermediate, try APA Generations. If you’re a pro, try APA Methods. For today’s post, I’ll be focusing on the components plan, which is the documented starting place for new traders.

Supply and demand analysis and trade entry settings are included into the elements strategy to assist you keep consistency. Confluence is a major part of Gabriel’s method. For him, the best trade setups are those that have a high degree of confluence and are available on numerous time frames. Easy trading opportunities can be found thanks to the indicator offered. My recent reviews of WeTalkTrade’s PipBreaker and the Rapid Trend Gainer have a lot in common with this one.




  • Type: Forex Indicator
  • Cost: $45-$158 per month
  • Strategy: Price Action
  • All timeframes are included in this
  • Pairs: All Pairs


The cost of APA Zones items might vary greatly depending on the package you choose. Elements costs $45 per month; Generations costs $110 per month; and Methods costs $159 per month. To make matters more confusing, the sales website for these packages claims that the elements package is for beginners but then claims that you must already be familiar with zone trading in order to purchase it.

I’m not sure why they’re insisting that we already know everything there is to know about zone trading yet this is the bundle we were intended to sign up for originally. Perhaps this is a misprint, or perhaps we must first complete some form of training that they offer before we can proceed. Regardless, this is not explained in a way that is clear. In general, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing on this website.


Results of the Trading

The APA Zones website does not appear to have any trading results. While browsing the website, I found a few videos and examples of trade setups, but no actual trading outcomes have been posted yet.

This year, I don’t see why any vendor can’t supply us with trading outcomes, thanks to services like Myfxbook and FX Blue. Seeing this merchant trade on a daily basis to demonstrate the viability of his views is what I’d like to see. Feedback from Clients Despite the fact that I’ve only discovered three reviews (all of them are rated 5 stars), there hasn’t been a single review since late June 2016. The fact that all three of these reviews were written on the same day raises some red flags.



It’s a swing and day trading group that uses supply and demand zones as a basis for trading price action. In every market, APAzones is a wonderful tool for traders, since it shows where the market has been across timeframes ranging from the shorter to the longer term (trending or moving sideways). This validation comes from their teaching, which is an eye-opener on how to read price movement. Through webinars and demonstrations, the staff is always available to answer questions and offer advice. Both newcomers and seasoned traders will benefit much from using them.

The APA Zones team needs to show me genuine trading outcomes before I give this a try. The vendor’s website might use some improvement in terms of organization so we know where to begin and what actions to take.