In this article, we will look at some of the best forex robots that we have tested. There are litereally thousands of forex trading robots on the market but sadly most do not live up to our expectations. So how do you choose the best forex trading robot to trade with? Well, we tend to look at the following criteria:

  • Is the trading bot profitable?
  • How clear is the trading strategy it follows?
  • How risky is the trading strategy?
  • Does the forex robot have real verified results?
  • What kind of support does the developer provide?

A full detailed explanation of our evaluation process can be found here but for now, let’s drive in and take a look at the best forex trading robots for 2021.

  1. V-Power

    The V-Power Day Trading system can be used as a fully automated trading robot or a signal alert system where you can choose if you wish to take the trade or not. The V-Power trading system is the system that I personally use to look for smart money movements in the market. The whole system depends on identifying trend reversals and getting into the trend early. This usually means trading against the crowed which sounds risky but isn’t as we use a set up very specific rules to enter the trade and wait for for 2nd zone confirmations. The developer of the V-Power trading system is and is an extremely knowledgeable person. They have a number of free to join products including a couple of Telegram channels where members discuss trade ideas. What I love about this system the most is that it actually teaches you how to identify trade set ups to the point you can begin to see them before the system alerts you to. The system uses good risk reward rations and solid money management. I could talk for days as to how good this trading robot is but I recommend you read our full review and testing results here.

  2. MG Pro EA

    MG Pro EA is the premium product from the developers at Sinry Advice. This forex trading robot uses 12 different indicators to take trades based on price action, trend analysis and support and resistance levels. The MG Pro EA has a lot of positive reviews and also has verified results through MyFXBook which is impressive. The developers claim that the forex trading robot could go into approx. 30% drawdown which is quite large so if you have low tollerence to risk, you should reduce your lot sizes. Based on the current MyFxBook verified results, the MG Pro EA has only had a maximum drawdown of 17.4% as of January 2021.

  3. Swing VIP

    The Swing VIP is the lower cost product from the developers at Sinry Advice. This forex trading robot uses trades 5 different pairs and opens trades based on swings using the 5M chart. The Swing VIP is great value for money and would be a good forex trading robot for a beginner just starting out. It does use a grid trading system which means it can open multiple trades on the same pair at once. Like the MG Pro EA trading robot from Sinry Advice, all performance is tracked on MyFXBook and again, it has some great reviews.

  4. Agimat Pro EA

    The Agimat pro EA forex robot uses AI (artificial intelligence) to make trading decisions. It has intelligent capabilities such as being able to connect to fundamental news sources and a neural network. The Agimat Pro uses maxwell future prediction indictor to take entries mainly using the H1 and H4 time frames. They have verified results and some fantastic reviews.

  5. Automatic Real Pips

    The Automatic Real Pips system trades the EUR/USD pair on the H1 timeframe when key levels are breached. The Automatic Real Pips robot uses a trailing stop loss and uses a custom martingale strategy to recover losses. I’m not usually a big fan of martingale strategies however as this forex robot uses sensible stop losses it significantly reduced the risk. As with all of our top rated systems, Automatic Real Pips has fully verified performance on multiple platforms going back to July 2019. It also has a user forum which is great to see.

  6. Telegram CopyTrade EA

    This is a handy little forex trading bot that allows you to automatically copy forex signals sent on telegram. Whilst it is not a trading system itself, being able to automatically copy telegram signals opens up an entirely new possibility for automated forex trading. The telegram copytrade EA is the one I personally use to test various different forex signal services. It’s easy to use and reasonably priced.


We will continue to evaluate the best forex trading robots list. Below you will recent performance tests for the list above is a good place to start if you want to start using automated trading.

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