Evestin is a forex expert advisor launched in 2015. It’s an automated forex trading software allows novice traders to trade effectively through particular trading robots. It provides unique trading strategies that will enable traders to spread the risk while offering an opportunity to deliver excellent results. Evestin claims to have full-time support staff working round the clock to monitor the trading robots while giving you real-time trading performance.


Evestin Forex offers professional-trade risk management while adjusting the risk tolerance. They host a professional and clean site with details of included explanations. Evestin Forex works under two main aspects; it allows complete robot control and has a highly effective winning forex strategy.

How it Works

Evestin Forex allows traders to complete robot control of the markets. Evestin Forex works under a strict strategy guide under four different robots. The trading robots work under a preconfigured chart template set for traders.

Evestin Forex works with a trained team of professional traders set to help any inexperienced traders and, more so, the starters. They study the market to help you organize your trade and adjust the robots. The four unique Evestin Forex strategies are; SATOSHI, SATOSHI GOLD, SATOSHI FB, and GUNNER.

To understand detailed information about each robot, find a free ebook that provides detailed operability. They come with four trade pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, and AUDUSD.


Strategy Guide

Evestin Forex strategy comes with a comprehensive guide that helps navigate the trade approach each strategy goes through. The strategy gives more than anyone would expect, which is different from what the market offers.

One of the systems included in the package is the famous Satoshi robot. The robot works with at least four high probability reversal patterns that boost the strategy. It has; the hummer, shooting star, bullish engulfing, and bearish engulfing. The guide discusses other robots in detail.


An expert advisor comes with a subscription is relatively high. They charge $99 per month, which gives you access to all robots in the package. However, the amount is significantly higher than most other trading platforms in the market.


Evestin Forex has no particular trade time frame. Traders must thus be keen when trading through the robot’s strategies since you don’t know the time a robot will enter and exit trades.

Trade Pairs

Forex trading allows traders to buy or sell currency pairs. Evestin Forex del has four trade pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, and AUDUSD. Major pairs are the most common and account for about 85% of forex trading. They are also the most liquid.

Trading Results

Though Evestin Forex is a great trading platform, it has no verified trading results which every trading platform ought to have. The platform has a trading spreadsheet that they can manipulate to suit their performance.

We realized Evestin Forex has a Myfxbook page during this review, but we couldn’t trace an existing trading account. The one that they uploaded was either removed later or was never created. It’s prudent for the company to have a verified trading account with verified results. This will instill more confidence in the performance. Without this, the trading results are questionable.

Pros and Cons of Evestin Forex EA


• Has a comprehensive, detailed explanation of all components

• The developer is well known and reliable

• It comes with four separate robots with unique trading strategies

• Offers a 30-day free trial


• Trade results are unverified

• Most customers have given negative feedback


Ivo Luhse founded Evestin Forex towards the end of 2015. Ivo regards himself as a Robot trader and prides in an extensive forex trading experience. Most forex platforms do not reveal their leaders or their offices. It is thus difficult to identify a reliable forex platform since they can seize their online presence at a go.


Evestin Forex prides itself in a 24/7 support staff ready to care for your urgent needs. Clients can communicate with the support staff through a contact form on the website or support@evestinforex.com through their active social media pages. This is a positive thing since it shows they are ready to listen to customers.

Final Verdict

Evestin Forex seems like a legit forex platform with an excellent trading strategy. They have a few loopholes, but their services are entirely trustworthy. The unverified test results and the exorbitant prices are quite a handle.