Multicurrency scalping robot Forex Hacked Pro can now be utilized on nine currency pairs at the same time. Martin Gale’s martingale strategy is used in Forex Hacked Pro; nevertheless, three scalping algorithms are used for entry into the market, increasing the possibility of accurate input and reducing risk.

Forex Hacked Pro

New and existing members of Forex Hacked Pro can now take advantage of this brand-new membership tier. Purchasing the software for non-members costs $329.99, while doing so for existing members costs $130.00. Using an improved version of the earlier approach, this software creates a NEW EA. In order to make the Forex Hacked Pro method more flexible and adaptable, it combines three separate trading tactics into a single bundle.

This is still completely automatic, so all you have to do is install the robot. The three trading methods are what really set it apart from the original Forex Hacked, in my opinion. This software is really potent, but caution is advised! During the first week of testing, I strongly recommend that you avoid using your live account. Even if you’re tempted to dive right in, take some time to familiarize yourself with the demo robot first.


The Pros

  • Extensive use of the original version over the years
  • The system is still completely automatic.
  • Tested and confirmed outcomes
  • There are a plethora of components that enhance adaptability.


  • Market manipulation by greedy traders leads to account collapse
  • a rise in the price of software
  • $329 for Forex Hacked Pro
  • $130 for the Forex Hacked Pro Upgrade

I’m delighted to give this method a thumbs up even if neither I nor the Forex Trading Bot team have tested it yet. This is a powerful software because of the new technology and the long-term success it has had in the past. Remember that RegNow has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk here.

Forex Luxury

I’m astonished to see the same developers (Forex Developers, LLC) that brought us Forex shocks back in action. For the most part, forex robot developers arrive for a short period of time, produce a few products, and then fade away. The RegNow payment processor is selling the Forex deluxe system for $179. Let me show you what this strategy has to offer and see if it can help you with your trade.


Forex Luxury Details

The European and US trading sessions will be covered by this robot. Using the H1 time frame, the approach will only open one trade per active pair at a time. Depending on the parameters, Forex luxury typically aims to gain 15 to 20 pips. We only have a small sample size because they’ve only been trading this strategy for a little over two months, but it appears to be profitable thus far. So, without further ado, here are the findings.

Results for Forex Luxury

As a result, I’ve examined their trading data and discovered that in their Main accounts, they solely trade the EURUSD currency pair. Using this account, it appears that the primary goal is to gain 15 pips per trade and limit losses to between 25 and 40 pips. The Forex Luxury has opened roughly 26 deals in the last two months, therefore it is not extremely busy during this trading time with an average of one trade every two days.

Forex Luxury final thought

As a long-time Forex trader, I appreciate the fact that this creator has decided to return to the market and present us with a new method. Forex shocker, their previous product, has been around for years and is still available for purchase. For the time being, I’d suggest giving this system a shot. Do not buy this software, obviously, if you cannot afford it. However, if you are willing to invest some time and money, you should give it a shot anyhow.


For each currency pair, Forex Hacked Pro was tested separately. However, in real trading, the creators advise installing EAs with recommended parameters sets (files. set) for all nine currency pairs in order to spread risk. Of course, this makes sense, as severe drawdowns do not occur simultaneously on several pairings, as can be seen in the backtest graphs.

Using the martingale strategy, Forex Hacked Pro can result in the loss of all of your money. It’s possible to make a nice profit if you withdraw your earnings on time. Forex Hacked Pro will break even if the initial deposit is withdrawn in full within a reasonable amount of time.