Forex Robotron EA

Forex Robotron is a new expert advisor (EA.) that bills itself as “the ultimate automated forex trading system.” The robot takes up five minutes of the time frame and costs $499 at the moment. In this article, we will examine the robot in detail, including how it has been performing its trading system, a breakdown of 2021 results, and updates on the robot’s performance. This will help you understand what happens when you use the robot to trade, how important it is to save the running trade, and how it stops working without losing money.

Forex Robotron Evaluation

The forex Robotron software is designed to work with the MetaTrader four platform and four trading pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURCHF, and EURGBP. This trading typically has a 20 pip stop loss, and once reached, the system closes the trade. The robot requires extensive programming, trading, and testing experience. The plan was created in 2013, but it was not used regularly until 2016, when it was updated and began performing trading tasks. This corresponds to the time it took the developer to create this trading system.

Trading outcomes

The best way to understand the outcome of the forex Robotron EA is to look at the robot’s trading history. One of the difficulties we are encountering in this case is that “Myfxbook verified results” do not provide access to the account links. When you click on the results for the Robotron’s trading history, there is no display, implying that the assumption is that the accounts have been margin-called. The majority of the Google searches for these accounts have been deleted. There is only one that is still active: the EURUSD account, which has been operational since July 15th, 2016. For them to be considered the best forex robot in terms of ranking, the developers of these Ea Robotron must reestablish their dedication to the results obtained through the trading done through the robots. When accounts are only accessible through screenshots and there is no access to the original accounts themselves, there is some doubt that the accounts are genuine. To avoid many forms of suspicion, the developers must clarify this and make everything clear.


Forex Robotron Breakdown for 2021

The forex robot was used in this case; its price is $499; and its strategy it’s a scalping strategy to be used on the M5 time frame”. EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP, and EURCHF are the major pairs involved in this type of trading. This Robotron software is more expensive than some of the services available in this market. There are also unlimited demo licenses, access to market updates, signals on any news regarding market fluctuations, and lifetime support. The premium package is available for $999 and includes five live version licenses as well as JForex stand access.

Robotron Update for 2021

As I plan to develop my home trading server, I will conduct numerous tests on live trading accounts for this Robotron software in the coming weeks. It would be useful to keep track of my progress in determining the best automated robots on the market. There have been a few minor changes to our review of the forex Robotron EA. After reviewing their page for more information on their operations and history, it is clear that the majority of our early decisions were sound. The information about the vendors demonstrates that the trading results have been encouraging, despite the fact that they are always associated with doubt and deception. This is due to the fact that the screenshot forms and current accounts are quite different.

A good example is their main account, “GOB Trade 2,” which appears to be owned by the trader and has little to do with the Robotron software. The main issue with this account and others related to Robotron accounts is that there is a small drawdown and they are run on the Knit forex broker. The broker is based in Thailand and can be found online. The vendor must provide up-to-date trading results using their software. They must discontinue the use of brokers and associate their services with shady industries. This will foster trust and confidence in their skilled advisor.


We are not yet ready to recommend the same, but our resolve remains unwavering. We will reconsider our position once they update their account information. It is not a good idea for someone to spend $499 on a trading robot that will operate on a demo account for one month from half a year. I hope that management will continue to work on this issue in order to provide the necessary information.