FX-Neuro Bot is a brand-new expert advisor that claims to be able to help investors “earn a lot of money very quickly.” For many people, Forex trading can feel like a risky endeavor, but for those that use established Forex robots, it doesn’t have to be. When it comes to dealing with smaller investment accounts, they believe they have a structure that minimizes risk and ambiguity. Today, we’ll tell you if this is a good investment or not, so you can make an informed decision. We don’t know anything about the firm behind the software. Who runs the service and where they are based are completely unknown. Forex robots are expected to be more transparent in 2020 and a lack of openness is not acceptable. Without knowing who is in charge of the service, we don’t know if we can trust them or not. Just a few weeks old according to WHOIS information, we have no idea how old the website is. This service’s creators should devote more time to explaining who they are and why we should believe in them. Email fxneurobot@gmail.com to get in touch with assistance.


Review of the FX-Neuro Robot

The FX-Neuro Bot’s design is mediocre at best. It’s obvious that the designers are using a more recent template, but there are some amateurish design issues that need to be addressed before the product is released. In addition to the pricing issue, there are other weird visuals, such as the robot clutching a rubik’s cube.

In addition to the method, features, pricing, customer testimonials, and faq sections, there are four other parts on the site as well. However, each of these sections contains only a few small data regarding the service. Strategy Approach-wise, FX-Neuro Bot EA boasts of a “great trading strategy that is secure while sturdy and profitable at the same time. Indicators are combined with price support and resistance in this approach to price swing analysis. A special algorithm is used by the robot to track the swings and identify trading opportunities.

Besides that, the vendor says that the robot’s primary purpose is to eliminate costs early and maximize earnings. There are no martingale methods employed by the service.. Because they don’t give us any specifics, their strategy explanation is at most average. In our recent reviews of Ruby Forex EA, Xautoprofits, and Celestial Trading Tools, we found this to be the case.


Robot Analysis


  • The type is Forex Robot
  • Price ranges from $109-$149
  • Uses Support and Resistance Strategy
  • Timeframe is M30
  • Pairs: AUDUSD

Traders interested in employing the FX-Neuro Bot can get it for $109 or $149. The only difference between the two options is the amount of licenses, which both include free upgrades and support. The base bundle includes one genuine account license and one demo account license. The “premium” bundle entitles purchasers to three genuine accounts and three demo accounts. The price is far less than the majority of the best Forex robots now available.


Feedback from Clients

A few weeks after the program was on sale, there has been no response from customers.


Results of the Trading

The trading results provided by the FX-Neuro Bot team come from a single FX Blue account. This account has a 371 percent increase and a 91% decline in 222 days. It is a mixed bag. Only 14 trades were made by the robot during this period, 12 of which were winners and two of which were losers. The typical trade lasts 18.2 days, with a risk-to-reward ratio of 0.83, a win average of +477.72 and a loss average of -260.84. While the account has a sizable gain, the primary problem is the account’s massive loss and potential ruin. The vendors are clearly employing a high-risk, high-reward trading technique, something that investors should steer clear of at all costs. Using a robot can be quite hazardous, and you risk losing your entire account if something goes horribly wrong. If the account loses all of its money, FX Blue says it has a 57% chance of doing so. The vendor’s claims are not matched by the results they deliver. They don’t disclose the high levels of danger, and instead promote the program as a low-risk investment. However, this is not true.


Even if we don’t advocate the FX-Neuro Bot, there will be some traders who want to use the software to quickly increase their trading accounts. These investors should be aware that while it is possible, their account will almost certainly be wiped out. Low-risk traders should steer clear of this opportunity.