A new version of Mark Larsen’s automated trading software, GPS Forex robot 3, has been released. There is live documented proof to back up Mark’s claim that his latest version is producing more than 30 percent a month for a private group of traders. The Forex market is well-known for the work of Mark Larsen, a well-known developer. For as long as we’ve been running Forex Robot Nation, he’s been trading and developing trading systems. It’s also worth noting that he’s been using this technique for a long time and doesn’t switch between projects. Despite the fact that the most recent version 3 update was released in 2015, he is eager to give updates. The company’s headquarters is not listed, but assistance may be reached at support@gpsforexrobot.com.


Review of GPS Forex Robot 3

In comparison to other systems I’ve studied, GPS Forex robot 3 has been on the market for quite some time, so my evaluation will be unique. As a result, I’ll start with an overview of the trading platform and the vendor’s findings, Mark Larsen, before moving on to some of the community criticism I found and my own thoughts on it.

With a 60-day money-back guarantee, GPS Forex robot 3 is being sold for $149 at a discount. Few robot merchants, if any, have remained with Clickbank for so long as this one does. The origins of the program may be traced back to four years ago, when the idea for a robot that can operate in various market conditions was born. Eventually, Mark teamed up with two other traders named Antony and Ronald to develop a trading robot that, like a GPS navigator, can accurately forecast short-term market moves. It’s been around for a long time, therefore it’s safe to say it’s one of the greatest Forex robots around.




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  • The cost is $149. Reversal of fortune:
  • Any time frame is acceptable.


The GPS Forex Robot is available for purchase for $149 for traders who are interested. The software, trading manual, and a single live trading license are all included in the bundle. You can get a 60-day refund through the ClickBetter payment processor if you’re not satisfied.

A Review of the Third Version of the GPS Forex Robot


Let’s take a deeper look at Mark’s and his team’s results. With an amazing Myfxbook account, Mark boasts that GPS Forex robot 3 is right 98% of the time. There has been a 545 percent increase in this account since it was opened in May of 2012. Over the past eight years, the software has only made 480 trades, with the bulk of these trades occurring in 2012. Since this year, the system has made fewer and fewer trades. There have only been 19 trades in 2020, indicating that the system only trades once every two to three weeks. Although the developer hasn’t had a losing month in a very long time, the profits aren’t as great as they used to be for this strategy to be effective.

The GPS Forex robot 3’s monthly win percentage appears to be evaporating rapidly as well. The average monthly account gain has dwindled to roughly 1% even if the software is still positive in 2015. When compared to 2014, this is rather close, however in 2013 the average was around 2.5 percent and in 2012 it was nearly 15 percent. Since I do not expect it to fall below 0% in the near future, I don’t consider this a major problem. However, I also do not expect it to return to its previous monthly profit levels of 15%.



The GPS Forex robot, created by Mark Larsen, has gotten both positive and negative evaluations, as have other systems on the market. GPS software was the subject of an in-depth assessment by someone claiming to be “the lazy trader,” who claims Mark Larsen is a con artist and a fraudster. Because I am unsure of the validity of his assertions, I will refrain from making any further observations.

Even if I believe it’s not a big deal, the fact that this piece was written in 2011 and received little attention leads me to assume otherwise. However, I’m a little concerned by the number of scam affiliate marketers who are promoting this program.


Make sure you do your homework before purchasing Mark Larsen’s GPS Forex robot 3 update. It’s likely to garner a lot of attention. I’m crossing my fingers that this robot can live up to the high expectations placed on him by his teammates and begin to win a greater percentage of the time. Please come back to Forex robot nation to see what more we have to offer after reading this review.