Traders can use PipFinite Trend Pro, a new Forex indicator, to help them spot trends and create consistent profits. The software is designed to eliminate market noise while still providing precise entry and exit signals. “Enhanced rules first the statistical computation” have also recently been added to the indicator in order to improve its overall performance. In the Philippines, Karlo Wilson Vendiola, a self-taught MQL5 programmer, created the software. In the MQL5 marketplace, Karlo now offers 19 products, many of which are frequently reviewed and debated on their sales page. Trader help is available by email, Skype, or direct chat on the Pipfinite Facebook page. On January 15, 2018, the product was released, and the most recent update was made on March 8, 2018.

Review of PipFinite Trend Pro

The unique PipFinite Trend Pro strategy is not revealed to the general audience. However, Karlo does offer us with several different examples of trade setups that appear to be based on either going against the trend, or support and resistance levels, but a bit more explanation would be welcomed There are just three steps involved in using the indicator: receiving signals, setting stop losses and taking profits. Then you just sit back and wait for the trades to execute as planned. A probability of success is attached to each signal transmitted to the client. Karlo suggests that the customer employ the signal if the success rate is more than 65%. Traders are expected to disregard signals with a success rate below 65 percent and wait for the next one to arrive.



The designer wants us to be aware of a visual-based trend identification method, enhanced statistics calculation, and complete compatibility with expert advisor development. Signals are given in MetaTrader 4 via pop-up, email, push notification, and sound alerts. Consider the fact that the software will not perform any additional tasks such as repainting or calculating trades. We discovered this to be a typical claim among indicator developers during our evaluations of Forex Gump and Forex Easy Now.




  • Type: Indicator for Foreign Exchange Trading
  • Cost: $98.00
  • Trend/Support/Resistance Strategy
  • Timeframe: All Timeframes
  • Pairs: All Pairs

The PipFinite Trend Pro is priced at $98, which is a reasonable price for a Forex indicator. There is a breakdown of the software that shows it can handle all symbols and time frames with ease. However, I always prefer a more particular plan because the market shifts and changes constantly on a daily basis. In the past, I’ve found Forex indicators to be excessively broad in their claims, implying that the software is compatible with any and all trading platforms. Rather of wasting months of testing time for their customers, I feel that these vendors would gain immensely from focusing on a single time period and only a few pairs at a time.

Results of the Trading

The PipFinite Trend Pro software does not include any actual trading results because it is a Forex indicator. There is a video and a few trade examples on the website, but nothing that we can rely on is concrete or confirmed. However, I’m not really clear why this is the case, and I’d like to know more about it. A Myfxbook account would be a great way for the seller to demonstrate that their program works. Don’t we want to see the software’s creator using it every day if it is a successful system? There is absolutely no reason why the vendor couldn’t share their trade outcomes with us through a statement sharing service. That doesn’t mean anything bad about the developer, but it’s an indicator of overall sales.


Feedback from Clients

However, despite the disappointing trading results, the excellent feedback from clients makes up for it. More than 900 reviews have been posted, and I haven’t found anything less than a five-star rating. This indication is straightforward to use when trading with the trend and deserves of a 5 rating, says jstandy in one of the most recent comments he’s made on the site.



PipFinite Trend Pro has several things I’d like to learn more about, and I’d also like to see some actual trading outcomes at some point in the future, but aside from these, the technique appears to have a lot of promise. Depending on the feedback from the Forex Robot Nation group, I may have to add this to my charts as well.