Mastering and trading forex is not a joke. Becoming a good forex trader requires time and a lot of research which many don’t have the patience. There are several learning tools and materials that people claim can help even a newbie get started but quite often, the opposite of what is advertised. Unlike those tools, Smart Charts 2 is a good forex e-learning trading platform that will help you master Forex trading to achieve your financial goals. Surprisingly, the platform comes with market scanners, trading signals, and coaching on setting up the system for less than $2000. The pricing might seem high, but if you analyze what the platform offers, the price is nothing compared to what you will get.

Recently, there have been many talks about Smart Chart 2, which is why we decided to dig deep to offer you a detailed insight into the platform. There are several websites and people selling premium learning materials they have copied from free sources, and if you follow them, you will gain nothing. So before you spend your money on these self-proclaimed premium services, make sure you know what they offer. Smart charts 2 is the opposite because their information is of high standards to study and attain your forex trading goals.

Greg Secker is the man behind the development of this platform. If you do a background check about him, he is a successful and active forex trader with over fourth thousand active Facebook followers; thus, he means business. As a forex trader, he has done several YouTube videos, seminars, live trading sessions and developed several trading tools that have proved helpful.

Smart Chart 2 review

After looking at what the owner says and his background check, it is now time to look at facts about the platform. Sometimes a person can be credible, and his services are opposite to what he stands for, and that is why it is good to look at facts before investing your money. This review will look at 3 main factors that the owner says are the stand-out features (scanner, eLearning, and the platform itself).

Greg says many things, but no touchable evidence about the platform or anyone who achieved success after using the platform. The only thing we have is a successful story about him. For us to say it is a legit and valuable platform to spend your $2000 in, there must be something to show off, which is why this review will reveal.

Smart Charts 2 Scanner

One of the very best tools to ever grace the forex trading world, the scanner is a powerful tool that costs millions of cash to develop but with just $2000, you can get yours. I like that it does not promise you millions or trade for you. It only analyses the market by studying the trends and gives you the most accurate information to execute the trades yourself. We are not saying you will make millions with the information, but you are in safe hands if you check the kind of information you get. This tool scans thousands of markets to find a pattern and indicator that you can use to set up a trade. In other words, it does the hard work, so you as a trade get to enjoy your trading experience.

Smart Charts 2 Platform

Another critical aspect of this eLearning tool is the platform itself. Sometimes it is hard to convince traders to change from MT4 or MT5 to something new, but at least as traders, you can be assured there is another exciting option if you feel like changing. To start trading using this platform, you will need first to make the deposit. However, the system is not clear which broker will be used, but you will be able to start trading once you make the deposit. The platform is quite simple and resembles present trading platforms like MT4 and MT5. For new users, it is easy to relate with the system, thus conducting trading with ease. The platform has some amazing features that are found in all trading platforms. Features like risk %, stop loss, take profit, and expiry time. The expiry time is a stand-out feature in this platform that binary options traders will love to use.


eLearning Platform

Now the most interesting part of this tool is the eLearning aspect. Finding forex trading learning materials in one area is sometimes a bit challenging. We should give credit where it is due, and for that, Greg and the company deserve it because if you are green and you need to learn forex trading, smart charts 2 has your back. The materials are well organized and detailed with pictures to show you how it is done, and I am pretty sure you will have something to smile about. All videos are high quality (HD) and are very easy to follow and relate. To master this perfectly, you will need to watch some of his YouTube videos.


Greg Secker is a successful, knowledgeable, and great teacher, and the smart charts 2 platform seems to be a very effective trading and learning tool for a newbie to start from. However, paying $1999 for something not proved in the market is a great concern. I am not saying the platform is not viable, but we must see results before risking $1999. To give a clear verdict about this tool, we need more than word of mouth from the owner. Being knowledgeable doesn’t directly mean this software will offer success to clients as the owner.