Another automatic trading system that is developed from Forex Robot Trader enterprise is the WaveRunner Forex Robot. Due to the fact that this is an older design, it is in lower demand, which explains why it is selling for such a low price. The robot is reported to employ “a unique blend of zig zag theory” in order to locate “hundreds of automated pips.” In today’s assessment, we’ll examine the trading performance and determine whether it’s worth your time. The business behind this automated trading system is While they are a well-known development team, they appear to have moved their focus in recent years to marketing rather than development. Because its creator died a few years ago, this could be a factor. However, it is a frequently discussed subject in the market. Their systems appear to be out of date and struggling to stay relevant in today’s industry. This is demonstrated by the Odin Forex Robot, the Vader Forex Robot, and the Falcor Forex Robot. Despite this, the various systems continue to sell well, and we must continue to analyze them. Traders can contact support by opening a ticket on their contact portal.

WaveRunner Forex Robot Review

The sales page for the WaveRunner Forex Robot is a little less extensive than the FRT’s more recent products. Along with the features and trading results parts, the website includes a about section. Each of these components will be discussed in detail during the review.

You’ll find four screenshots of the software in action at the top of the page. The charts and overlays in prior products are significantly simpler. This is unquestionably one of the company’s early products, if not the company’s very first. Not because it is useless or out of date; it is just an older strategy that has remained relatively unchanged over a lengthy period of time. To compete for the title of greatest Forex robot, developers must stay current on market conditions and ensure the functionality of their systems.


WaveRunner Forex Robot Strategy

The WaveRunner Forex Robot’s strategy is sound. When paired with Elliot Wave application, they can explain the ZigZag indication and create profitable trading opportunities. However, putting the strategy into effect is significantly more difficult. This is because the seller has provided us with three separate timeline options. This means that the trader will have to invest considerable time and effort in testing the approach. While testing is not a difficult task for us, we have discovered that testing across many times can be extremely challenging. particularly when you’ve previously had to experiment with various pairs, settings, and other things. As our recent evaluations of Multi Strategist EA as well as FX Blaster Pro demonstrate, the learning curve is longer than we desire.


Robot Analysis


  • This is a Forex Robot type
  • The Price is $49
  • Uses Elliot Wave strategy and Zig Zag
  • Timeframe: H1, H4, M30
  • Pairs: Any


With a suggested retail price of just $49, the WaveRunner Forex Robot is an absolute steal. That is not to say that investing in this MT4-compatible EA is not justified. All of this will depend on how well it performs in the market, as it always does.

Trading Results

The trading performance of is consistently in the focus of our complaints. Regrettably, the WaveRunner Forex Robot does not make an exception. According to the website, this robot has consistently made profits of over $20,000 per year, or an average of over 2000 pip every month. As evidence, the FRT team’s self-hosted trade statements are used. One of the problems with these statements is that they are believed to be fake by hundreds of clients. These same customers assert that they will never replicate their success. Because robots are essentially tools, traders’ performance will improve as they gain proficiency with them, but this is insufficient in this circumstance. When other providers’ results are highlighted in this manner, it is simple for them to verify them. Unlike its competitors, the FRT group has never provided verifiable conclusions and has continued to do so despite this tendency. Clearly, this is a big issue that requires quick attention.



We are unable to recommend WaveRunner Forex Robot at the present, despite our enthusiasm for the FRT team’s efforts. We’d be delighted to update our evaluation if you could provide us with some confirmed Myfxbook results. Until then, no more robots for us.